Remote Photoshoots

Get creative with me from anywhere in the world!

Remote photoshoots allow us to work safely together during Covid 19, from the comfort of your own home! Remote photoshoots are still a new concept for many people. I can assure you that whilst the experience may feel different than of those in person there are plenty of extra benefits to shooting this way.

Please read the information below and get in contact if you would like to discuss the possibility of working together or with any questions you may have. 

How does it work?

​You (the photographer) will need to have a laptop, a wifi connection and screen sharing software (such as teamviewer or zoom). On the day of our shoot I will send you a code so you can connect to my computer which is tethered to my Canon camera. Using the Canon Utility software you will be controlling my camera, deciding the settings and pressing the shutter yourself. The images are yours and you have 100% copyright. They will be sent to you via dropbox after our shoot. 

Where will we shoot?

From my home in Suffolk, England. I live in a large country style house with a dedicated studio area. There are five main working areas which all have natural light and interesting features making it extremely photographic. My studio is on Purpleport as Athena Studio where you can find more information and images. 

Camera Equipment

I use a EOS Canon 70D (cropped sensor) with an option of two lenses.
- Zoom Lens EF 15mm - 85mm f3.5 - f5.6
- 50mm Prime EF 50mm f1.8 

Lighting Equipment

3 x Lencarta 300w flash heads + triggers
1 x LED Pixapro ring light (good for balancing out ambient light)
2 x large strip box, 1 x small strip box,1 x medium rectangle softbox, 1 x beauty dish, 1 x snoot 
All modifiers have grids.

1 x small reflector


I am available for two hour, three hour or four hour sessions, midweek, between 11am - 3pm (UK time). 

Important Info

- Remote shoots are a slower working pace than in person photoshoots, it is important you take your time to ensure good images. Due to the time taken to move all the equipment please only pick 1 or 2 spaces to work from during our shoot (changing looks/clothes is quicker than moving). Expect to take around 100 - 200 images during a 2hr session.

- My levels are the same as in person shoots which is up to artistic nude. 

- If you want me to sign a model release please make me aware of this upon booking.

- I do not consent to video or screen recordings of our remote session, if you wish to take a 'screen shot' during our time please ask first. 

- I take full payment in advance to confirm a booking. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are non refundable. If you wish to reschedule then please give as much notice as possible. In most cases, I can hold your payment as an advance payment for another date. 

The White Space

Arguably the most popular area for photographers! I spend the most amount of time here during my shoots, the fantastic natural light and clean surroundings make it a perfect place for portraits, lingerie and art nude. On sunny days dappled light shines through the doors creating shadows on the wall to the left. The diffuser net curtains can be removed to create stronger light. Props include a chaise lounge draped in fabric, tall mirror and vintage chest of drawers.

The Studio

2.7m wide with space for lights either side. Choice of three backdrops available (white, grey and black). The range of modifiers available make shooting beauty, dance, art nude, bodyscapes and sports possible. I have gymnastic rings that can be used (not full weight bearing) plus other props such as a bow and arrow, smoke machine, stools, boxing gloves, weight bench and fabrics. I have a good knowledge of studio lighting so can set up lights based off your inspiration images before the shoot.

Art Nude Ballet Pose

Canon EOS 70D + Canon EF 50mm f1.8 


The Library

A unique area! Opposite end of the White Space - baby blue shelving from floor to ceiling. These are fantastic for art nude. The library sometimes has some plants and books on which can be photographed to create a narrative, alternatively it can be kept empty for a more stark look. Natural light works well here as there are large skylights above.


The Living Room

Just off the Studio/White Space is the living room with one large photogenic sofa placed just in front of a large window overlooking the garden. This area is suited to lifestyle and relaxed nude images. Depending on the position of the camera there is opportunity here to create both soft and high contrast images. Its amazing what can be achieved with just a sofa and a window! 


The Bedroom

Large room with king sized bed, wooden floors and a medium sized window. Great for boudoir, lingerie or story telling images. There are two lamps which can be used to create atmosphere.

Studio Bedroom