Various references and testimonals from photographers I have worked with, for more and recent references please see my Purpleport Page

'I've shot with Ayla something like 15 times now and in all that time there's never been a single moan, bitch or diva comment about anything, one of the most level headed and charming models I've had the pleasure to work with. What you will experience are bundles of energy, smiles, laughs, shapes and striking results. Pretty much faultless skin on her face and an incredibly toned body. Ayla has great rates and you'd be an idiot not to work with her.'

Terry King

'Ayla is awesome! Great figure but also a lovely face and the ability to try any genre and do a great job at it. We shot a wide variety of stuff and she never tired and never stopped giving 100%. Lovely person to spend the day with and a fantastic model. Hopefully I'll get to work with her again next year. I'd recommend any photographer work with Ayla, she is one of the best models I've shot for a long time.'

Mike Croshaw

'It has been 2 years since my last shoot with Ayla and I really don't know why I waited so long. Had a excellent studio shoot with Ayla today. Excellent pre communications before the shoot, got into amazing dance poses and made them look easy even though they were not. Very versatile model as went into different styles with ease, very friendly and easy to work with and extremely professional. Very Highly recommended and I certainly will not wait enough 2 years to shoot with her again.'

Anthony Goodrum

'Effortless time is how I would describe shooting with Ayla. Lovely to be around with great communication throughout. Energetic and enthusiastic throughout. Great images from a short shoot. Shoot number two in the planning.

I recommend Ayla without hesitation.'

Sean Hodge

'I worked with Ayla for the first time yesterday and it was a fabulous experience. She's a beautiful, talented and versatile model, able to effortlessly change looks and move between styles. Her pre-shoot communications were first class and she arrived well prepared with a full selection of clothing, accessories etc. She's so friendly and easy to get on with that the day just flew by. During the shoot she took direction well, was full of ideas and worked hard to refine poses. I genuinely hope we can work together again, highly recommended.'

Richard Hardwick

'I had the great pleasure of meeting and shooting with Ayla recently, in less than conventional circumstances! There was no need to worry though as Ayla has an awesome positive attitude and a sunny disposition. She quickly got limbered and ready to leap about and make her awesome shapes in the air. We didn't have loads of time but Ayla made it easy to squeeze the most of the time available. I definitely want to explore other projects with Ayla and would recommend her in a heartbeat.'
Drew Thomas

'I had a really fun shoot with Ayla last week. I was delighted when I saw Ayla was returning to modelling after not getting a chance to shoot her before her break. Ayla brought simply the biggest suitcase I've seen at a shoot, filled with loads of great outfits. Ayla has an incredible talent for dancing, leaping, jumping and hand standing which produced some awesome images. Very friendly and easy to get on with the whole shoot was a lot of fun. Ayla worked very hard during the soot and I'm really pleased with the results produced. I'd love to work with Ayla again, highly recommended.'

Jimmy Taylor

'She doesn't really need any more glowing references by the look of it but I have to say she was amazing! Ayla really pushed herself, hope to work with her again soon.'

James Mountford

'Had a superb shoot with Ayla on Sunday. She's an absolute delight as a person and a model; very open-minded, professional and hard-working - complete with a great figure and beautiful smile! We got along instantly and produced some great photos. I genuinely hope I have the chance to work with her again. Ayla comes highly recommend from me!'

Fawna Frolic

'Fantastic model, highly recommended! I organised a group shoot with Ayla in the studio, and the whole experience was great, starting with the communication before the shoot and ending with the incredible poses and jumps she can do. Very friendly, very professional and very... flexible. Can't wait to book her again! Amazing!'

Gabriel (Studio 69)

'Had a brilliant shoot with Ayla on Friday. She 100% hit the brief, went with the experimental approach and was happy to test ideas as we went. She has a fantastic collection of poses and was completely aware of the right angles and lines - which is easier said than done when both the light source and camera a fastened to the ceiling. Above all, she's a lovely person to spend a couple of hours with while taking some beautiful images. Chatty, warm and beautiful inside and out.'

Chris Bulezuik


'Ayla was a great first model to work with! I'm so glad I came across her profile. We went to shoot in a derelict swimming-pool in East London that has closed down 14 years ago. The place wasn't the cleanest nor the warmest but Ayla adjusted to the situation really well. She's very professional, and really friendly! She came up with lots of poses which suited what I wanted to shoot. I am very happy with the results, and I hope to be working with her again soon!'

Ophelie Rondeau

'The real test of a great shoot from my point of view is the number of images I later choose to edit. I hadn't realised just quite how very versatile Ayla is in terms of style and being able to react and immerse herself within the style and mood I was looking for. This made the shoot particularly enjoyable but more importantly really made the creative process develop and the ideas resulting in better images than originally imagined. In the end I am editing many more images than I would normally, not just because of the quality of the images but also because of the number of looks we were able to achieve within a normal shoot period. Also most importantly Ayla was immediately on form without needing ages to warm up and also her last images showed just as much energy as the first. My next shoot is coming soon and it’s with Ayla again. There are not many times I have done that :)'

Mark Fiddian

'I shot with Ayla yesterday after months of trying to find a mutually convenient date. I'm very glad we persevered. Lovely person, delightful company and an outstanding model. As flexible as the bendiest thing you can think of - offering loads of variety within a single set.

I pitched up not really knowing what I wanted to shoot, but her imagination, dedication and flat-out brilliance carried the day - sometimes you just need to push the button. This was one of those times. You'd be silly not to book her.


'Ayla recently shot at Studio Zero and I was really impressed by her prowess as a model! Awesome poses, fantastic looking in person and very friendly and obliging with the photographer that booked her. Looking forward to her studio day here next month, and would definitely recommend her!'

Andrew Simpson

'I had a wonderful shoot with Ayla in Nic Marchant's Studio yesterday. This was my first and certainly not my last. Ayla is a gymnast and has the defined physique that comes with the territory - her back muscles are something to behold ! She is an accomplished art nude model with a wonderfully creative quiver if poses. Most importantly, she exudes enthusiasm and is a real pleasure to work with. Ayla is just a lovely person - unpretentious and stunningly beautiful. We have already booked our next day together.'

Carl Grim

'We shot a little while ago and got some great results. Ayla is a very fine model, easy to work with, has many great ideas and is a true artist.'

Gregory Brown

'Ayla was an utter delight to work with. Came well prepared to a shoot that didn't overly have a plan, but she was able to adapt and help create ideas with considerable ease, was an absolute pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor. She's a happy, energetic model, that looks absolutely stunning in any get-up and can achieve a number of different looks and poses, the results look great and I would certainly recommend her, I do hope to work with Ayla again.'

Chris Cook

'I recently worked with Ayla and was very happy with the shoot. Her pre-shoot comms were fantastic and her organisation and attention to detail was spot on. She's a really bubbly happy smiley girl, and is able to convey a good mix of emotions. I gave her some ideas for a shoot which were a new way of shooting for her but she took to it instantly and was able to give great results. Great figure and able to work her way through a wide mix of poses, including some extremely obscure and bendy ones. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to book a lovely model.'

Adam Robertson

'Had the great pleasure of hosting Ayla this weekend with a full days shooting. We worked on and agreed a full set of concepts prior to the weekend that we shot through the day finding that we had incredibly similar tastes in images.

She can create some superb shapes in both balletic and artistic senses, combine this with a great look and an excellent figure making some wonderful images. Add in that she has a superb character and a brilliant sense of humour made the weekend not only very productive with respect to the quality of the images created but also a huge amount of fun and laughter.During the day we covered fashion, art nude and dance (and combinations thereof) and she demonstrated that she excels in all of these. Over a long day her stamina was excellent and whilst being excellent at free posing she took direction well too. Ayla was an absolute pleasure to work with and gets my most highly recommended status.'

Donald C Gibbs


'Had the absolute pleasure of working with the very talented and stunning international model Ayla. One very professional hard working young lady... Cannot wait for our next shoot.'

Richard Egan